Multiple Welland property owners facing Ontario Fire Code fines

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Multiple Welland property owners are facing hefty fines for Ontario Fire Code violations.

The owner and the landlord of a student residence at 77 Sherwood Forest Trail were fined a combined $14,000 after a kitchen fire at the property. No one was hurt in the fire on February 23rd this year, but during the investigation firefighters discovered 10 students were living in the building without working smoke or carbon monoxide alarms and other Fire Code deficiencies. The owner and landlord plead guilty to failing to maintain the alarms, failing to implement an approved fire safety plan, and failing to ensure a proper exit was provided from the basement.

Elsewhere the owners of a two unit residential property at 281 Wallace Avenue were fined $13,000 for smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm violations.

And the operator of a licensed marijuana growing facility has been fined $5,000 for conducting hazardous activities and using extension cords in a manner that presents a fire hazard.

Welland Fire Officials say they latest fines add up to $32,000 plus court costs.