N-O-T-L town council to forge ahead with discussions for mandatory mask by-law

CKTB - NEWS - Betty Disero

While the Region of Niagara couldn't make a decision on mandatory masks, Niagara-on-the-Lake town council is forging ahead with a move of their own. 

Mayor Betty Disero says they will be discussing a mandatory mask by-law for the town on Monday. 

If council agrees, Disero says a special meeting of council will be held to get a by-law passed as quickly as possible.  

The mayor, says a number of Ontario municipalities are moving in this direction adding the move is a done as a show of respect for those in the community. 

Niagara Falls council is set to discuss the same issue on Tuesday as Councillor Carolynn Ioannoni plans to bring forward a motion calling for mandatory masks for indoor spaces.

Mayor Jim Diodati was a strong objector to the move at Thursday's regional council meeting. 

St. Catharines has already voted in favour of mandatory masks indoors and hopes to finalize a by-law next week.