NDP calling for $1000 tourism tax credit to help local businesses this summer

ndp tourism

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was in Niagara Falls today calling for a $1,000 tourism tax credit to revive the summer economy.

She says tourism businesses such as restaurants, campgrounds, museums, and attractions have been devastated by the pandemic, and local economies are desperate for a boost.

"People’s jobs and livelihoods are still at risk. Entrepreneurs’ dreams are on the line."

“The Travel Ontario Tax Credit is the help we need right now. Let’s give working families a well-needed vacation this summer, and get the hospitality, arts and culture sectors back on track. For every dollar a person spends, they’ll get a dollar back up to $1,000.”
The Travel Ontario Tax Credit is a bill by Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates.

The Ford government had planned to reimburse families with a credit if they traveled within the province, but has now delayed plans until next year. 

Gates says the long, painful lockdown is the result of Doug Ford’s poor pandemic choices — not the choices of business owners and working folks. 

“This bill is a win-win,” said Gates. “The Travel Ontario Tax Credit will supercharge our tourism industry from the ground up by giving people the help they need to take a much-needed vacation. And just imagine the jobs we can save, the jobs we can create and the economic stability we can give to our communities with this plan.