NDP want MPP's recalled to Queen's Park immediately

Andrea Horwath 2

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is calling for MPP's to return to the legislature immediately to work on solutions to the crisis hitting Ontario's long term care homes and the slow roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“Long-term care homes are in a humanitarian crisis. Seniors are being forced to cry out to beg for food and water, while they’re left vulnerable to deadly infection. The province is lagging far behind the country on vaccinations, and doesn’t appear to have a plan to ramp up. And COVID-19 is spreading faster than ever,” said Horwath.

“The vacations need to stop. All MPPs need to return to the legislature. We are facing a longer, deeper lockdown because Doug Ford keeps choosing to do too little too late. Let’s stop him from continuing to make that choice.”

Horwath says there are actions the legislature can take to stop the spread and save lives, as well as helping people and small businesses weather the current lockdown.

She is calling for the legislature to work together to move out billions in unspent COVID-19 funds to shore up hospitals and long-term care homes. 

She wants to see the military recalled to long-term care homes in crisis.

Horwath says MPP's can pass laws to give people paid sick days, and give small businesses more financial support. 

She also says the plan for the vaccine roll-out needs work.