New benches to be installed along Port Dalhousie pier

CKTB - NEWS - Port Dalhousie Piers

New permanent benches will be installed along the Port Dalhousie piers.

Councillor Carlos Garcia brought forward the idea to install benches on the west pier after previous memorial benches were removed and relocated during the pier rehabilitation.

The new benches will be made of hardier, man-made materials that will be able to weather the elements year 'round, instead of being removed in the winter as the previous benches needed to be.

The new benches will not be memorial or corporate benches.

The 12 new benches come with a price tag of up to $42,000 from the Civic Project Fund. Six of the Benches will be placed at the end of pier and six halfway.

City staff will also be consulting with the Accessibility Committee to ensure the new bench design can meet the needs of a wide variety of people.