New Brock University study shows children conflicted about going back to school

CKTB - NEWS - Back to school COVID-19

A new study from Brock University shows some conflicted feelings from students as they head back to school.

Since early April a team of researchers has been interviewing a group of children about their feelings surrounding the pandemic.

Child and Youth Studies Professor Rebecca Raby says kids displayed a high level of awareness about the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also wanted to go back to class.

"There was worry about sort of missing out, missing their friends, missing key things happening at school." She explains. "While also understanding at the same time the risks and why their parents may be concerned."

Older students also had worries about moving forward into future grades after missing school. 

"That was definitely something that came up amongst them as well," Raby says. "And not just around schooling, but also sometimes around extracurriculars as well. Would they have the skills that they needed to be able to maintain whatever skills they were invested in?"

Some of the 30 participants indicated they actually preferred learning from home and setting their own pace.

Others liked learning from home to avoid social difficulties at school.