New federal models show Canada could see up to 66,835 COVID-19 cases by May 5th


The federal government is releasing new modelling information, showing the potential future of COVID-19.

Currently, health experts say Ontario and Quebec account for 80 percent of all cases nationwide.

The data shows 17 percent of cases have required hospitalization, but less than 5 percent have required intensive care.

Dr. Theresa Tam explained, "...outbreaks at long-term care and seniors' homes are driving epidemic growth in Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia currently and are responsible for the majority of all deaths in Canada."

She says the number of cases is doubling at a rate of every 16 days.

Models presented today suggested nationwide cases could range between 53,196 - 66,835 by May 5th.

The models also showed a trajectory that could result in country-wide deaths ranging from 3,277 - 3,883 by May 5th.

Dr. Tam again reiterated models are not crystal balls and they will be learning, evaluating, and adapting as the situation continues.

She stated it is critically important that we maintain our current public health measures until we have achieved epidemic control for the first wave.