New parking app in St. Catharines


When it comes to parking, change is no longer necessary in some parts of downtown St. Catharines.

A smartphone app called Honk Mobile has launched a 12-month trial in three zones: Market Square, Market Street and James Street.

The app works by storing your license plate and payment information, and uses geo-location to determine which lot you are in.

Once your information is stored, all that is needed for payment is the tap of a button. 

When it comes to where your information is stored, Founder and CEO Michael Back says it gets encrypted immediately and will never be shared with a third party.

The app warns users when their time is about to expire and allows the meter to be topped up, however the pre-existing 3-hour time limit still applies.

Adjustments and expansions to the program will depend on the success of the app over the next year.