New rules will be put in place for residents of Niagara Region's long-term care homes tomorrow


Tighter restrictions are being put in place at Niagara Region's Long-Term Care homes to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

A letter has been sent to families with loved ones in regional-run homes saying that given rising COVID numbers, they will be re-introducing some rules.

The Director of Senior Services, Henri Koning is asking families to reconsider any 'day trips' that are planned.

He says if a resident is taken off site for a meal, shopping or a social event, the resident will be put into isolation for 72 hrs.

The resident will then be tested for COVID after the 72 hr mark, and come out of isolation once there is a negative result and the person doesn't have any symptoms.

The rules does not apply to residents who are going to essential medical appointments.

The new guidelines will come into effect tomorrow.