New study finds the pandemic is taking its toll on our mental health

parent working-nd3000

A new study by McMaster University researchers is shedding light on the toll the pandemic has taken on our mental health, particularly for parents.

Researchers surveyed more than 7,400 parents and caregivers representing 14,000 children across the province

More than 600 parents from Hamilton participated in the survey.

The study found over 25 percent of the Hamilton parents say they have experienced moderate to severe anxiety and another 40 percent admit their alcohol consumption is up since the pandemic began.

Across the province, 57 percent of caregivers met the criteria for depression with many saying they are stressed about their inability to do a good job while working full time and caring for children at home as well as managing their online learning.

Another 34 percent also reported a loss of income.

Lead researcher Andrea Gonzalez tells the Spec, the findings are startling, adding if we go into a second wave we need to make sure families have the supports and services they need.