New Woodland by-law will transfer enforcement back to Niagara Region from NPCA if passed


There's a new by-law in Niagara to protect woodlands.

Niagara’s Planning and Economic Development Committee has approved an updated Woodland Conservation By-law which will include several changes including transferring responsibility of who will enforce the rules back to the region from the NPCA.

The by-law also includes additional regulations for tree removals associated with a building permit.

The by-law underwent a public and stakeholder engagement process with 350 residents completing an online survey, while 79 attended an online open house in June 2020. 

Approximately 40 industry representatives and community stakeholders also participated in online engagement.

The updated by-law will be considered by all of Regional Council on Oct. 22. If approved there, the by-law will go into effect Jan. 31, 2021.

"Niagara’s woodlands play a vital role in the health and vibrancy of our natural environment, our communities, and our economy. The Region’s updated Woodlands Conservation By-law will ensure we’re in step with our local and provincial plans and policies, and are working together to protect and preserve our woodlands, both now, and in the future." ~ Rino Mostacci, Commissioner, Planning and Development Services