Niagara auto insurance rates in line with provincial average

CKTB News- Insurance, an online insurance shopping service, is out with its annual survey that shows Niagara drivers aren't getting dinged too badly in the pocketbook (relatively speaking) when it comes to insurance premiums.

Kanetix bases its figures on a 35 year old driver with no points or tickets.

That driver in Niagara pays around the provincial average of  $1,400 a year.

Travel up the highway and that rate in Hamilton climbs to $1,700.

But it could be worse, that 35 year old driver pays over $2,300 in Brampton, the highest rate in Ontario.

And if you want to beat the high cost of car insurance where should you go?

Drivers in the Quebec border town of Hawkesbury pay the lowest premiums at $950 a year.