Niagara cat comes back after 10 long years

cat 2

After 10 long years a cat has returned to his owner in Smithville.

“Hobbs” the cat left his home and his owner Frances back in 2010.

She searched for her now 14 year-old grey feline friend, but had no luck, until now.

Hobbs turned up at the Lincoln County Humane Society, in St. Catharines yesterday after being turned over by a resident who found the cat around his house in Jordan Station.

The man brought Hobbs to the shelter, but lost him in the parking lot.

After working to find Hobbs throughout the day, the LCHS caught him and moments later staff scanned a microchip implanted in Hobbs and traced his owner.

A call to Frances revealed the 10-year old mystery solved.

Frances shares that he slept comfortably last night and has plans to visit his veterinarian soon.

“I was dumbfounded! No Way! It’s been 10 years!” exclaimed Frances, upon receiving a phone call from LCHS and the news that Hobbs had been found. “microchips work” she said.