Niagara Catholic and DSBN's rules on when kids with COVID symptoms can return to class


Many Niagara parents were left wondering if they should send their kids to school this morning as allergies and the common cold start circulating.

Both the Niagara Catholic and DSBN are asking parents to assess their child daily for symptoms of COVID and to keep kids at home if they have fever/chills, new cough or cough that is worsening, shortness of breath, sore throat (not related to seasonal allergies or known causes) runny nose, unusual level of fatigue, an unusual or long-lasting headache, or nausea/vomiting, and diarrhea.

When it comes to sending children back to class, here is the information sent to Niagara Catholic parents.

Children may return to school when ONE of the following is met:

The DSBN is asking parents to follow the same public health advice. You can find more information on the DSBN's return to school plan by clicking here.

There are 3 school-related cases of COVID in Niagara.