Niagara Catholic installing 70 free feminine hygiene product dispensers next month

feminine hygiene products

There will be at least one free dispenser of feminine hygiene products in Niagara catholic schools next month.

The Niagara Catholic District School Board says 70 dispensers (57 machines to dispense sanitary pads and tampons, and 13 sanitary napkin dispensers) will be installed in to address period poverty in schools.

One dispenser will be installed in each catholic elementary school, alternative school, and Continuing Education school. 

Two will be installed in each Catholic high school. 

Only 13 of the pad dispensers are being provided by the provincial government, the board will pay for the remaining 57.

"There's so much stigma that surrounds periods that prevents these important conversations from happening, so I am grateful to our Board for being open to talking about period poverty," said Niagara Catholic Student Trustee Sydney Yott. "Access to hygiene products is necessary for those who menstruate. Without access to the products that they need to maintain their period, they really have no choice but to resort to other ways to manage their period. The decision by the Board to support all menstruating students will allow them to focus and devote full attention towards their education."