Niagara Catholic parents told there could be delays picking up kids due to CUPE work-to-rule

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If you need to pick up your children from school outside of normal hours, you may want to call ahead.

The Niagara Catholic Board sent out a notice to families with children in elementary school saying parents may experience delays when trying to enter schools because of the work to rule.

They are asking parents to call the school ahead of time to arrange a pick up or drop off, so someone can provide access to the school.

CUPE education workers began a work-to-rule campaign yesterday, and have stopped working overtime and won't perform extra duties.

Office staff will not be answering door buzzers.

For custodians, that includes not cleaning hallways, office areas or gymnasiums, cutting school lawns or picking up or emptying garbage cans outside of schools.

Clerical workers are not to replace paper or perform photocopier repairs, find replacements for absent staff or administer any medications.