Niagara catholic schools set to end use of single-use plastic cutlery

plastic cutlery

You will not find any single use plastic cutlery at Niagara catholic schools in September.

The school board says they are ending the use of singe-use plastics in schools or sites effective September of 2022.

Also as cafeteria contracts expire all new agreements with suppliers will require the discontinuation of single-use plastic utensils and straws by 2023.

"As a school board, we are strongly committed to doing all that we can to ensure that we ensure students in our schools today - and for generations to come - live on a healthy planet given to us by God," said Director of Education Camillo Cipriano. "We believe that in taking this step, we are leading by example in a very tangible way, hopefully leaving a better planet behind than the one we inherited."

Niagara Catholic leads the province in terms with 100% participation in the Ontario EcoSchools Program.