Niagara Catholic teachers prepare to welcome students back to class

CKTB - NEWS - School Classroom

Teachers across Niagara will spend the week preparing to welcome students back to school.

Niagara Catholic District School Board Director of Education John Crocco says staff will be taking part in workshops over the next three days to get ready.

"A significant part of that is on health and safety and preparing for everyone to return, and of course the mental health and well-being of all of our students and staff as they return. And this is not just going to happen on one of those three days. It is like it is every year, but more specifically this year, will continuously occur throughout the year."

Students will also be returning to class on a staggered schedule to help adjust to the new procedures.

Crocco says they also understand parents may be feeling some nervousness about returning to in-class learning or opting to continue learning from home.

"That's also why we've decided for different points throughout the year where families can make a decision to move from one to the other. And I think we all know we will have to continue to watch what will occur within our communities especially as we move into the fall."