Niagara Chair stands up for Councillor called pig and slammed for sharing abortion experience

laura ip

Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley is commenting on horrible remarks made about a St. Catharines Regional Councillor.

Bradley says he formally denounces the offensive and repugnant comments directed towards Regional Councillor Laura Ip.

A former Green Party Candidate, and radio announcer Jim Fannon posted a podcast online called "Radical Feminist Pigs and my Twitter Rage and Hate."

Fannon worked for CKTB for a brief period of time and was dismissed in 2014.

In the broadcast he called Ip a 'bigot pig' and referred to very personal details of Ip's life.

Ip shared her personal experience of abortion with the public following comments made by Niagara West Conservative MPP Sam Oosterhoff. You can read more on that here.

Ip also shared publicly that she lost her sister to suicide.

In the podcast, Fannon criticizes Ip for sharing her abortion story, but says 'maybe' she could be a 'mental health advocate' given her sisters' passing.

Bradley says there are no circumstances where that type of language is acceptable, and it only serves to denigrate a member of our community and degrade our public discourse.

Bradley says Councillor Ip has taken the high road in response to this unfortunate event and is choosing to keep her concentration on her important role as a hardworking Regional Councillor.

He says he believes the Councillor’s dedication and tenacity speaks for itself and her commitment to the Region is beyond reproach.

Ip issued a statement to CKTB saying "It is unfortunate that anyone feels the need to express themselves in this manner and on such a personal level. Currently, I'm focused on getting my children through a global pandemic and working to ensure our communities in Niagara fare as well as possible in the aftermath of these very difficult times."