Niagara Children's Centre celebrates best Help Kids Shine Campaign so far

CKTB - NEWS - Help Kids Shine announcement 2021

The Niagara Children's Centre is celebrating the best Help Kids Shine campaign to date.

Chief Executive Officer Oksana Fisher says the centre exceeded both their goal for this year and the all-time fundraising record.

"As of this morning, we are sitting at $206,322.79," she announced. "That equates to about 200 children will be able to come into service faster than they would have if they were on a wait list. So that's kind of the equivalent. Two hundred children in Niagara will get service that they might not have otherwise in a timely way."

Help Kids Shine has been going for 18 years.

The goal for this year was $200,000.

The Niagara's Children's Centre provides support and rehabilitation programming for kids living with physical, developmental and communicative delays and disabilities.