Niagara College gets top marks for research funding


For the sixth year in a row, Niagara College has earned the honour of being in the top 10 colleges in the country for research funding.

In its report called 'Canada’s Innovation Leaders' Research Infosource Inc. announced the college placed 8th.

The report looked at research funding numbers for 2019, when the college attracted $7.8M.

Niagara College also jumped to the number 2 position in the category of completed research projects, with a total of 262.
Further, the College increased its paid student researchers to 105, a rise from 83 the previous year.

“We are proud of our continued recognition among Canada’s top 10 for research funding, as research and innovation have been a growing focus for our College. These extraordinary times have served to highlight the important role of innovation in our College and our community,” said Niagara College president Sean Kennedy. “By leveraging the expertise of our researchers and capabilities made possible within our state-of-the-art facilities, Niagara College helps local companies stay competitive. We are pleased to have been providing healthcare with made-in-Niagara solutions during the global pandemic – all while equipping our students with essential applied experience.”

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