Niagara Falls councillor responds to criticism from former colleagues

Carolyn Ioannoni

A Niagara Falls councillor appears to be taking it in stride after some former colleagues penned a letter criticizing comments she made in a newspaper article on gender and politics.

In the Niagara This Week article, Carolyn Ioannoni said “Misogyny is alive and well in Niagara politics. It’s hard being on an old boys’ club council in Niagara Falls.”

In a letter to go before city council today, a group of former female councillors including Joyce Morocco, Selina Volpatti, Shirley Fisher and Paisley Janvary Pool write they were always respected, never mistreated and accuse Ioannoni of beleaguring and badgering fellow councillors.

Ioannoni, who says she was blindsided by the letter, adds it all comes down to different lived experiences.

She notes she is very happy for the four women and the fact they have not had the same experiences as her.

But she points out the women who were also interviewed for the article, would never want any woman to face the issues we feel we are facing in politics right now.

Niagara Falls council meets virtually at 4:00 this afternoon.