Niagara Falls councillor wants more than just mayor on committee

Niagara Falls city hall

Niagara Falls City Councillor Lori Lococo wants to have a council member on the Mayor’s Back to Business COVID Recovery Team . 

The committee was created in April by Mayor Jim Diodati to help focus on making sure the city was prepared for a new normal when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

Lococo made a motion at Tuesday's council meeting calling for a council member to join the mayor on the committee. 

Councillor Vince Kerrio criticized the motion, which failed. 

"I can't support the motion, I think it's a bit of a shot at the Mayor and the people who are on the committee" 

Councillor Carolynn Ioannoni defended Lococo's motion saying the public voted for more than just the mayor to run the city. 

"Nobody is criticizing what you're doing, we are critical of the fact we don't know who sits on that committee, and I think any back to business committee is actually this council" 

In April, the mayor said the committee would consist of CAO Ken Todd, Fire Chief Jim Boutilier and other members who are part of the city's emergency operations centre.

Mayor Diodati also indicated that he would "keep Council apprised of all developments”. 

Both Lococco and Ioannoni maintain they have no idea who the other Committee members are.