Niagara Falls man shares story of his battle with COVID-19

CKTB - NEWS - Carmine Posteraro

Niagara Health is sharing the story of a Niagara Falls man who spent two weeks in hospital fighting COVID-19.

Carmine Posteraro had been receiving care at an addictions recovery program in London when the pandemic was declared. His dad drove to London to pick him up and bring him home to Niagara Falls.

Days later, Posteraro learned a staff member at the centre had tested positive for the virus.

Posteraro was admitted to the Greater Niagara General Hospital on March 25.

The 39 year old man was put into an induced coma and a breathing tube was inserted.

He would remain intubated for twelve days before finally waking up, disoriented but alive.

Three days later he was moved to a dedicated COVID-19 unit where he would remain for 10 more days before finally being allowed to return home.

“I’m thankful for the Niagara Health team. From the person who cleaned my room, to the personal support workers, to the nurses and doctors, the care was amazing. Everybody treated me with dignity. I thank God every day that I’m here and that I was able to survive this. I feel like I was a miracle," he says.

The whole ordeal was also very trying for his mother Rena as her husband also tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted to the COVID-19 unit on March 30th with a high fever and pneumonia. He stayed in hospital for just over a week before he was allowed to return home.

Although Posteraro is now on the mend, it was a harrowing journey as he suffered from pneumonia and severe lung damage.

During his time in the hospital he also required dialysis as his kidneys failed.

He says he is getting better every day but he is often tired, experiences blurred vision, and feels numbness in his legs.

He thanks all the dedicated staff members working at the hospital, saying, "I never thought that I was sickly or prone to sickness. I'm just thankful I'm alive."