Niagara Falls mayor calls for clearly communicated plan on easing Canada-US border restrictions

CKTB News- Border

The mayor of Niagara Falls is expressing some frustration over the lack of information around the plan to ease Canada-US border restrictions.

Mayor Jim Diodati says he has been part of regular calls with Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, but a clearly defined plan has not been shared with border-city mayors.

"Do we have a date that we're looking [at]? What's the metrics? How do we hit that date?" he questions. "I don't know they - just share it with us! We've all been in this together for far too long, let's all be part of the discussion."

Diodati wants the border-city mayors to have more input in what is going on.

"You've got your border-city mayors, your boots on the ground, willing to give you input, people who have grown up and live in these border towns - we can give you advice! We know what's going on much better than most do because we live it! We know who's beating the system and how they're beating the system."

Yesterday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters more people need to get a second COVID-19 vaccine dose before restrictions will ease, and when they do, the plan will focus on people who have been fully vaccinated.

Diodati says he wants to see the incentive to become fully vaccinated continue.

Niagara's Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Mustafa Hirji says there is a lot of enthusiasm for the second dose in Niagara with over 90 percent of spots at mass vaccination clinics this month completely booked up.