Niagara Falls Mayor says regional dining restriction not law

CKTB - News - Jim Diodati

The new dining restriction in Niagara is not sitting well with at least one Niagara Mayor. 

Niagara Falls' Jim Diodati says the mixed messaging from the province and regional Medical Officer of Health needs to be clarified. 

He says the regional move to restrict diners to the same household is going to lead to more problems. 

"We are having an uprising in our restaurant industry, because it's going to force people underground and gathering in hotel rooms and houses where there is no contact tracing." 

Diodati says the dining directive from Niagara's Medical Officer of Health (MOH)  is not a law and he calls it "not enforceable."

He says things need to be clear from the province and local public health officials adding that punishing all for a few bad apples is not the way to go. 

He's hoping for a change in messaging at the regional level. 

Our top MOH Dr. Mustafa Hirji told CKTB the move by the province Friday to put Niagara under the province's orange restrict model came as a complete suprise and had he known he would have coordinated the regional changes to coincide.