Niagara Falls MPP calls on government to do more to address affordability

gates at qp

Wayne Gates wants to see more done to address what he calls an affordability crisis.

The Niagara Falls NDP MPP told Queen's Park yesterday that more than one in eight Niagara Falls residents have turned to an emergency food bank to put food on the table.

Children, Community and Social Services Minister Michael Parsa responded by saying gates and his colleagues should be contacting the federal government to remove the gas tax.

Watch the exchange below.

Meantime, Project Share in Niagara Falls is reporting that during the latest fiscal year they served over 11,000 people at the food bank - that is a 71 percent increase over last year, 

Those kind of numbers are once again the focus of the Great Holiday Food Drive,

On Friday all across Niagara we will be asking for donations for food banks in every community.

For a list of the food banks and a run down of events check out the events page at