Niagara Falls MPP 'disappointed' in today's Throne Speech

wayne gates

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates says the Ford Government’s Throne Speech this morning was a disappointment for Niagara.  

Gates is wondering why there wasn't mention of the new hospital in Niagara Falls in the speech, saying shovels should already be in the ground.

“How can the Premier say he’s investing in healthcare and yet not say a single word about getting our New Niagara Falls Hospital built? If you live in this community you have seen firsthand the urgent need for that hospital before the pandemic began, now that we’re two years into a health crisis it’s ridiculous that our Premier is still not getting shovels in the ground,” said Gates “to make matters worse, the throne speech said nothing about plans to hire the nurses and PSWs we desperately need, or to repeal bill 124 so they can get the pay they deserve. Calling them heroes and then refusing to support them is the definition of hypocrisy”.

The new throne speech says avoiding future lockdowns is the province's ``ultimate goal'' as the pandemic enters a new phase.

It was an opportunity for Premier Doug Ford government to present a renewed agenda eight months ahead of the next provincial election.

The speech focused largely on what the government has done to support the health-care and long-term care systems during the pandemic, highlighting the need for more action but with few specifics.

“We have childcare centres closing down left and right in Niagara because they’re struggling to find staff, there wasn’t one word about that. We have businesses still struggling with the pandemic and yet Ford won’t even recognize our calls for a new round of funding to support local Niagara businesses. He shuttered the Legislature for the entire summer and the grand plan he came back with is one that fails the residents of Niagara and Ontario in every possible way,” said Gates.

 “We need a plan to protect local businesses, not big box stores, to urgently get more nurses, PSWS and childcare staff to Niagara and to ensure they’re paid properly. We need a plan to get our hospital built. Those are urgent requirements that were sorely missing from today’s Throne Speech,” said Gates.