Niagara Falls passes motion to halt household dining restriction

CKTB - NEWS - Gale at Niagara Falls Council October 27 2020

Niagara Falls City Council approved a motion calling for the region to  halt a dining directive issued last week from the Acting Medical Officer of Health. 

Dr. Mustafa Hirji  brought in an order that restricts dining to just people in your own household, and it's not sitting well with the restaurant industry of some local politicians. 

Mayor JIm Diodati, who brought the motion foward also called for the region to step up inspections and enforcement. 

Councillor Carolynn Ioanonni who voted against his motion believed the matter should have been deferred.

"We came to you at another time, Councillor Lococo and I,  the day before a special meeeting of the region and asked you and this council to enforce masking, and you said no it was going to go to the Region the next day and it was the Regions job to decide.  Well I think this is the Regions job to decided, that's where Dr. Hirji is speaking and I don't think it's our job to supercede him." 

Ioanonni also accused the City of dropping the ball on enforcement which has put the area in the position its in now with the new restrictions. 

Diodati disputed her remarks. "Councillor because you're not aware of bars and places that are charged, doesn't mean it's not happening, it's not your role to be aware.  It's police and our bylaw enforcement jobs, and there are places that have already been charged, there are places that have already been shutdown, that's already taken place and just because you're not aware doesn't mean it's not happening." 

Ioanonni then asked asked for the list of charges and fines to which the mayor interupted and said it wasn't his role either to have those figures. 

"I don't have the list as it's not my role either, that's police and bylaw so no I don't have a list, ok,  just vote against it Councillor, just vote against it"  

The approved motion was to be sent today to all Regional Councillors and Staff prior to a special session of Regional Council today at 4:30 p.m. about the dining directive.