Niagara Falls to consider rainbow crosswalk downtown

CKTB - NEWS - Rainbow Crosswalk

The push is on to get a rainbow crosswalk in Niagara Falls.

Tonight council will receive letters supporting installing a rainbow crosswalk in the Queen and Erie Street area.

One of the supporters, Falynn Shaw, tells CKTB's Matt Holmes it's more than just paint.

"A rainbow crosswalk to some people might just seem annoying or really not that important, but to a whole community it shows a lot from the leadership of this city.

She says so far the discussion around the potential crosswalk has been largely positive.

"One of the best things about a conversation being started is the opinions come from all different people. So you're not only getting negative, you're getting a lot of people that are allies, that are heterosexual allies to the gay community, and they are actually stepping up and it's actually kind of nice. It opens up a conversation that needs to happen."

The Niagara Falls Downtown Board of Management has also sent a letter in support of the initiative.