Niagara Falls to implement $200 refundable fee for Code of Conduct complaints

CKTB News- Council security

The City of Niagara Falls will be implementing a $200 charge to file a Code of Conduct complaint.

During last night's meeting, city council settled on the amount based on what other municipalities in the region charge.

If a person wishes to lodge a Code of Conduct complaint, they will need to pay the $200 fee, but that money will be refunded if the complaint is found to be valid.

Councillors Lori Lococo and Carolynn Ioannoni were opposed to the motion with Lococo noting, "I just don't want to deter anyone from making a complaint that can't afford $200; $200 to some of our residents is a very large sum of money."

The move comes as council receives a report showing nine Integrity Commissioner investigations and two workplace harassment complaints cost taxpayers more than $273,000 since 2016.