NIAGARA FALLS | Tony Baldinelli takes over where Nicholson left off

Tony Bald

Niagara Falls is still Conservative territory as Tony Baldinelli takes over where Rob Nicholson left off.

Baldinelli, who works with the Niagara Parks Commission, has been declared the winner.

Liberal candidate Andrea Kaiser, a former Niagara-on-the-Lake town councillor, came in second place.

Brian Barker who ran for the NDP came in third.

The riding has been represented by long-time Conservative MP Rob Nicholson who decided not to run and retire this year.

Other candidates include Mike Strange who ran as an Independent, Sandra O'Connor for the Green Party, Tricia O'Connor for the Christian Heritage Party, Alex Taylor with the People's Party of Canada.

Result Breakdown

Tony Baldinelli - 35.6% (24,266)

Andrea Kaiser - 32.4% (22,079)

Brian Barker - 18% (12,264)