Niagara Health cutting down on surgeries again to deal with COVID-19


COVID-19 is once again slowing down surgeries in Niagara.

Niagara Health announcing that they are temporarily ramping down surgeries to 70% of their capacity.

They say pressures with patient volumes and staff illness has forced them to make the decision.

Linda Boich, Executive  Vice President, Quality, and Mental Health and Addictions and Executive Lead for Integrated Care, “Surgeons and the  scheduling office will reach out directly to patients who are impacted by surgical postponements to rebook the  procedures at the earliest opportunity. We recognize the challenges this places on patients and families and apologize  for the inconvenience and stress this may cause.” 

NHS officials say that the measure will allow them to use those beds to care for COVID-19 positive patients and other patients with urgent needs.  

“We are not yet seeing peak activity related to this wave in the hospital,” says Dr. Johan Viljoen, Chief of Staff.  “Hospitals across our region and beyond are facing similar pressures, which have led to the postponement of non emergency procedures and temporary closures of Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres. Our leaders are  continuously evaluating our resources and recommending further actions as required. It is important that we support  our team members who are impacted by COVID-19, either by illness or their extraordinary efforts to support  operations.” 

Niagara Health is also asking patients to consider all of their healthcare options before visiting the ER for non-emergency concerns.