Niagara Health implementing a vaccine mandate

In July, a poll found the most Canadians wouldn't mind if it was mandatory

Niagara Health is implementing a vaccine mandate for doctors and staff.

The mandate will be effective January 27, 2022, and will require all staff and physicians to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to work at Niagara Health, with what they call "very few exceptions." 

Lynn Guerriero, President and CEO at Niagara Health says, "It is the natural next step to protect our people, patients and operations against the threat of COVID-19. The majority of our staff and physicians support mandatory vaccination, and it is our hope that every member of our team who is not yet fully vaccinated will do so at their earliest opportunity."

Similar policies have been adopted at hospitals in our region and across the province.

Niagara Health will also be implementing a mandatory vaccination policy for visitors unless under exceptional circumstances. This policy will be implemented at a later date.