Niagara Health patient being treated for COVID-19 passes away


Niagara Health says a patient they were treating for COVID-19 has passed away.

No details were provided in the statement from Niagara Health, however we only know of one COVID-19 patient who was being treated by them.

An 84-year-old man, who lived at Ina Grafton Gage Village, was taken to hospital on March 10th for another medical problem.

Once he was hospitalized, health care providers found out he had exhibited flu-like symptons the day prior.

His COVID-19 test came back positive on March 12.

He was Niagara's first positive COVID-19 case.

Niagara Health President Lynn Guerriero says they extend their sincere condolences to the patient’s family and loved ones at this extremely sad time.

Guerriero also say they've been planning for the arrival of COVID-19 for months, and they have a comprehensive plan in place to support the safety, health and well-being of our patients.