Niagara Health reports another death of a COVID-19 patient


Niagara Health is reporting an additional COVID-19 related death.

They say this person was a resident of Niagara Falls and passed away this morning.

This brings their total number of deaths to 11; 10 of those deaths are Niagara residents and one was from the Dunnville area. 

While these patients were being treated for COVID-19, it does not necessarily mean COVID-19 was the cause of death.

Niagara Health's total number of COVID-19 patients is 167.

This number is different from the number you'll find on Niagara Region Public Health's website. 

Niagara Health only counts cases that take place at their facilities, whereas Niagara Region Public Health includes all Niagara residents, regardless of where they were tested.

Both organizations also collect their data at different times, so this may lead to a discrepancy. 

Niagara Health also reports they have 30 COVID-19 patients currently in hospital.

They've done 2,841 tests so far.

Niagara Health updates their website everyday at 4pm, and Niagara Region Public Health updates theirs at noon.

We will continue to provide both sets of numbers. 

See yesterday's Niagara Health data below.