Niagara hoping to add more vaccine dates soon, but reminds residents 55+ of pharmacy option

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Niagara Public Health is hoping to add more vaccination dates after all appointments were quickly booked this morning as the age eligibility dropped to 60+.

"Many new appointments booked as the provincial booking portal opened up to Niagara residents who are turning 60 or older in 2021 (born in 1961 or earlier). As a result of this strong turnout, all Niagara area clinics are now fully booked. Public Health hopes to add more clinics in the coming days. "

All Ontario residents aged 60+ are now eligible for a vaccine, and Niagara residents can choose to get vaccinated in a different region.

Niagara residents 55+ can get their vaccine at one of 22 regional pharmacies offering the vaccine. Click here to book.

Public Health is asking residents who are vaccinated to continue following public health advice such as wearing a mask, washing hands, physical distancing, avoiding non-essential travel, and self-isolating when sick.
Over 92,829 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to Niagara residents with 89% of the 80+ population now vaccinated, 72% of those 75-79 and 70% of those 70-74.