Niagara makes top 20 list for businesses to set up shop across Canada

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Niagara has made a Top 20 list of Canada's best locations for businesses to set up shop.

In its September 2021 issue, Site Selection Magazine, included Niagara as one Canada’s Top 20 Best Locations.  

 The magazine noted several of Niagara’s unique features that make it a standout location for business expansion, including that its home of Ontario’s first designated Foreign Trade Zone, it has access to international airports, shipping lanes and border crossings.

It also notes that Niagara has two leading post-secondary institutions, and strong emerging sectors including computer systems design, architecture and engineering.

The article also pointed out some of the more noteworthy projects that Niagara has been home to, including those by Modest Tree Media, GM, Quick Plug, and Clean Works Medical.

"Those who live and work in Niagara know that we are an incredible place to do business, and as more and more companies choose to build their future in our region, that news is getting out to the world. Our team of Economic Development professionals across all the municipalities works hard to create the conditions businesses need to succeed, and it’s gratifying to see Niagara recognized as a top-tier location in Canada" ~ George Spezza, Director, Economic Development