Niagara MOH responds to comments from Niagara Falls mayor


The Niagara Region's top doctor has responded to criticism from the Mayor of Niagara Falls.

In an interview with the CBC, Jim Diodati took Acting Medical Officer of Health, Doctor Mustafa Hirji to task after the public health doctor said two new cases of COVID-19 in the region last week, were linked to Clifton Hill.

Diodati calling the comment "reckless" and "speculation without investigation"

Doctor Mustafa Hirji during an interview with CKTB's Tim Denis this morning, seemed to take it in stride, pointing out the Mayor is a very passionate person and he says things quite strongly.

But Hirji adds he doesn't feel it will impact the way they work together.

The doctor also noting sometime the way news articles are written, "takes the most sensational lines, and you may see a bit of biased coverage there too."

The MOH says he stands by his statements adding we have all seen the videos of large crowds on Clifton Hill and he just wants to make sure we try and work to lessen those crowds and lessen the risk.

Diodati also claimed the doctor is hard to get a hold of, and Hirji admits that can be true because of all the numerous requests and emails coming in, which he apologizes for.

He stresses there is a lot going on during the pandemic and they have to prioritize what they focus on in the moment.