Niagara MP asking if wine industry is being shortchanged by federal government


The MP for Niagara Falls says the wine industry is not getting its fair share of federal cash.

Conservative MP Tony Baldinelli say this year's budget raises more questions for Canada's wine industry than it answers as last year's budget dedicated $101 million over two years in support of a trade legal excise exemption replacement program.

He says that amount falls 'way short' of what winemakers need.

Baldinelli says this year's budget now forecasts the government generating $135 million over that same two-year period.

"Where is that extra $34 million in forecasted revenue going?"

He wants to know if the money will be given back to the wine industry to support its needs

"Which is it? You promised to make them whole. Will you do so?"

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, responded by saying the government will be providing more than $100 million to support wineries in adapting to ongoing and emerging challenges, and that program is expected to open for applications this summer.

"As I am sure the hon. member knows, Canada had a WTO dispute with Australia. We settled that dispute in July 2020, and our settlement required the repeal of our exemption by June 30, 2022."