Niagara-on-the-Lake opens green spaces, soccer fields, basketball courts, and baseball diamonds

Queens Royal Park

Niagara-on-the-Lake has officially reopened all municipal green spaces, pavilions, shelters, soccer fields, basketball courts, and baseball diamonds.

The city says the areas are for use by members of one household only, and organized recreational sports are not allowed at this time.

Town Staff will begin removing “Park Closed” signs, and yellow tape Thursday and will instead install signs reminding residents about safety measures.

The majority of municipal parking lots will be reopened to accommodate those visiting Town parks.

Outdoor playgrounds, structures and equipment, fitness equipment, public swimming pools, splash pads and wading pools remain closed.

By-law Enforcement Officers will continue to watch for gatherings of more than five people outside the same household.

“I fear people may gain a false sense of security with these re-openings,” stated Lord Mayor Disero. “As things continue to reopen, it is imperative that everyone continues to follow Public Health guidelines, the most important being to staying home, and if you can’t, to practice physical distancing. If you go out and use Town spaces and amenities, please only do so with members of your household. If you’re near people who do not reside with you, always maintain physical distance. Today the Province is recommending wearing a cloth mask, if you cannot maintain physical distance.”