Niagara Parks officials ask people to stay home

CKTB - News - Niagara Falls

The CEO of Niagara Parks is urging people to stay home.

David Adames encourages people to go for walks and hikes in their own neighbourhoods after the weekend sunshine drew crowds of people to Niagara Parkway.

Although many outdoor amenities, such as public washrooms, have been closed, Adames explains parking lots in the tourist district remain open for safety reasons.

"We have seen situations in the past where people may park right on the Parkway and then get out of their cars into open traffic. So we don't want any unsafe situations if people do come out. But very clearly on our signage and our messaging we've said please stay home and follow the advice of public health officials. However, if you are out, here are the measures to follow."

Adames says he understands going for a walk can be a stress reliever, but he encourages people to stay home.

During his national address yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians not to go out unless they absolutely have to.