Niagara Police at St. Catharines high school to investigate sexual assault

sir winston

Niagara Regional Police officers are at a St. Catharines high school investigating a 'belated' sexual assault and showing their support for sexual assault victims.

Police say they are at Sir Winston Churchill this afternoon, after learning of student gatherings to support victims of sexual harassment and violence.

While no specifics were given, police are asking anyone who may have information about the incident to contact them.

"We have learned of possible student gatherings to support victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Peaceful assembly and protest is a right protected rite. We do ask for students to remain at their respective schools. We ask students who gather to be peaceful, co-operative and patient so that their voices on this important issue is not lost. Students who gather are reminded that COVID safety remains paramount."Constable Phil Gavin

Police say their presence at the school on Glen Morris is to give support to the students and staff that sexual violence is not to be accepted and should be reported. 

"The Niagara Regional Police requests that any member of the public who believes they are the victim of sexual assault or any crime to contact us and report it."

Persons who are victims of sexual assault and are not ready to speak to a police officer should be aware that the Niagara Sexual Assault Centre,  905-682-4584, is a resource option to receive support.

The NRP have previously attended the school for a sexual assault complaint, but details on that incident are not being released.