Niagara Railway Museum are the latest victims of vandalism


The Niagara Railway Museum is the latest on a list of vandalisms.

The museum located in Fort Erie first posted about it on Facebook.

Ken Jones, who founded the Niagara Railway Museum 22 years ago, tells CKTB that the pipes are covered to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Although this is not the first time they've had to fix them, they say it is the first time they've had to completely replace them.

Material costs are only about $300, but Jones says the money is better spent on other restoration projects. 

Since the museum moved to their location in Fort Erie in 2010, they've had about $8000 worth in damages from vandalism, some of which occurred within the first month. 

While the vandalism is disheartening, Jones tells CKTB that 2019 has been the musem's best year yet and they are heading into 2020 with significant expansions planned.