Niagara Region employees offered more educational opportunities to learn about Indigenous history

CKTB _ NEWS - Region HQ

The Niagara Region is taking steps to ensure all employees have a better understanding of Indigenous cultures and their needs.

The Region is introducing new mandatory training for all staff members, covering the history of Indigenous People in the region through a three video series developed by the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre.

It comes as the Region is also preparing to observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation next week on Thursday.

Ahead of last night's regional council meeting, Regional Chair Jim Bradley said, "As we look to September 30, I would encourage everyone to respect this day as an opportunity to both reflect and educate ourselves on the realities of the past, and on the possibilities for the future as we work together in the spirit of reconciliation."

The Region will be offering staff a series of further educational and training sessions on the history of Indigenous People in the area and the long-lasting impacts of the residential school system to mark the day.

An invitation will be extended to local Indigenous leaders early next year to address council and discuss options for action on the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report.