Niagara Region Public Health releases data on number of cases of COVID-19 per municipality


Niagara Region Public Health has released data on how many cases of COVID-19 each municipality has.

In today's update, which also says they've confirmed three new cases, a chart shows the total confirmed cases per 10,000 people.

According to the chart, the city of Welland has had the most cases of COVID-19.

Welland has had a total of 206 cases of COVID-19, St. Catharines has had 98 cases, and Niagara Falls has had 164 cases. 

If we break down those numbers further, Welland's high number is largely due to health care facility outbreaks. 

The outbreaks makes up for 74.8% of cases in Welland.

Niagara Falls' high number is also due to healthcare facility outbreaks. 

Outbreaks make up for 59.8% of Niagara Falls' cases. 

In St. Catharines, 80.6% of cases were in the general public (as opposed to a healthcare facility outbreak).

Niagara has had a total of 623 cases of the virus, with 462 cases recovered and 58 deaths.

To see today's full breakdown from Niagara Region Public Health, click here.