Niagara Region report outlines recommendations to improve Indigenous public health engagement

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As we arrive at the end of Indigenous History Month, the Niagara Region is releasing a reporting containing 22 recommendations to improve Indigenous engagement in public health and emergency services.

The report highlights some of the gaps in the Niagara Region and was compiled by local Indigenous Consultant, Kelly Fran Davis.

The recommendations include:

  • Supply Indigenous-related resources to all employees and Board of Health members
  • Hire an Indigenous liaison (or similar) to develop a Niagara specific Strategic/Action Plan
  • Arrange for all staff to participate in Cultural Safety Training
  • Encourage leaders and staff to better engage with local Indigenous events and organizations
  • Ensure resources are available that include Indigenous context and content
  • Establish relationships with local educational institutions regarding Indigenous initiatives
  • Explore and research the cultural determinants of health that impact Indigenous health
  • Establish strong Indigenous representation in decision-making processes
  • Hire supporting Indigenous specific positions and include Indigenous student placements

June is Indigenous History Month. June 21st was National Indigenous Peoples Day.