Niagara Region to make decisions on how to weather COVID storm financially

jim b

The Niagara Region is working on how to financially weather the pandemic storm.

Lincoln Regional Councillor Rob Foster, who sits on the Budget Committee, tells CKTB's Tom McConnell council will be meeting in a few weeks to tackle some big issues.

Foster says they have not met since prior to the pandemic, so many things still need to be decided.

He says additional expenses have crept up such as public health expenses, and by-law enforcement.

He doesn't believe any layoffs have been made at the Region due to the pandemic.

Municipalities across Niagara have given residents a financial break during the pandemic by deferring various taxes, but a portion of those taxes go to the region.

The Niagara Region has not announced a grace period for taxes due.

Foster says that's something they will need to decide when they meet.

He's not sure how the meeting will be conducted just yet.

Municipalities cannot run a deficit by law.