Niagara Regional Chair urges residents to stay home and stop the spread

Jim Bradley

Niagara's Regional Chair is asking residents to stay put and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Jim Bradley tells CKTB Niagara is united in the battle against the virus.

Bradley's advice to residents is to go out as little as possible to help limit exposure, so we don't end up stressing the healthcare system.

When asked if we should be doing more to keep residents home, he says we can always do more.

He says people are resorting to public shaming now, but Niagara is keeping tabs on if the federal or provincial government announces any enforcement rules.

"If we need by-laws to be passed to make it (social distancing) even more restrictive within our jurisdiction, we will do it."

Bradley says he knows many businesses are struggling during this time, and they are focusing on ways to help.

He says we have a huge tourism and agriculture sector in Niagara that will need help, and he expects the provincial and federal government to step in and help.