Niagara Regional Police not reporting any weather related crashes from last night


When the flakes started to fly last night, it seems like people in Niagara were mostly prepared.

Niagara Regional Police Constable Phil Gavin looked back at the calls from last night, and didn't see any reported weather related crashes.

"We've had some hazards where, you know, there are some cars that are stuck and things like that. We've had a snowblower theft, I don't know what kind of person would do that to somebody else on a day like today, but that does happen. But generally speaking, the good side about waking up to this is that people can wrap their brain around it."

Gavin encourages patience as plows are currently moving through Niagara to try and clear the roads, but until then, it could be a bit of a slippery drive.

He also points out the reduction of traffic on the roads is playing in our favour.

"With snow school closures, that's going to cut down road traffic. The COVID-side of things is going to cut down road traffic. If people are going to be staying home and shovelling out their driveway maybe help out the neighbour down the street who has some trouble shovelling. Put the kids to work and burn off some of that cabin fever energy."

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